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Streaming: John Piper’s address to President Obama on abortion.

Reading: The book I’ve reading lately is called Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling by Andy Crouch.  It came highly recommended and has lived up to the hype two-thirds through.  Here is a link to a trustworthy review.

Blogging: I think I post something from Kevin DeYoung every week, but oh well.  Here is another good one called Why I am a Calvinist.

The influence of Calvinism is growing because its God is transcendent and its theology is true. In a day when “be better” moralism passes for preaching, self-help banality passes for counseling, and “Jesus is my boyfriend” music passes for worship in some churches, more and more people are finding comfort in a God who is anything but comfortable. The paradox of Calvinism is that we feel better by feeling worse about ourselves, we do more for God by seeing how He’s done everything for us, and we give love away more freely when we discover that we have been saved by free grace.

Podcasts: Want to better understand Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormonism?  The Theology Program put up free sessions at itunes. (HT: JT)

Weather Photos: Need new wallpaper for you desktop?  Here are some great shots from local storm chaser Mike Hollingshead.


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Favorites in…

Listening: D.A. Carson’s recent messages at Bethlehem Baptist Church about preparing for Christ’s return, called “How to Wait for Jesus.”

Watching:  The premier episode of NBC’s Kings, based loosely on the life of King David.

Weather pix: NASA’s Aqua satellite caught this image of a submarine volcanic eruption in the south Pacific.

Blogging: Mark Dever responds to his critics after writing in a recent essay that he sees the practice of paedo-baptism sinful.

Upcoming events: Desiring God’s 2009 National Conference has been announced, “With Calvin in the Theater of God

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Lutheranism vs Calvinism.  An excellent podcast from Issues Etc, in which two pastors discuss the differences between the main streams of the Reformation.

Real Christianity by William Wilberforce.  The next Reading Classics Together from Tim Challies.  Anyone want to take part in this with me?

The greenhouse effect from Anthony Watts.  A good “primer” for those who want to understand it better than the press does.

What is Lent? Allen Yeh from The Scriptorium gives a good reminder of what Lent is and is not.

Cloud streets.  A great satellite image of some perfectly aligned cloud streets off of greenland.

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