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Our friends, the secular humanists, are so enthralled with their own pursuit of explanation and reason that they are not fit to understand the implications of their statements to their fullest extent. The claims of “autonomy” are my favorite. One need not do more than lock them in a gas chamber to demonstrate their dependence on oxygen. Their most basic faculties are either maintained by outside factors beyond their control, or automatic function, such as the heart pumping blood and the brain maintaining it’s moisture. We know those things do not function apart from the designer’s will to sustain them. I shudder, but the humanist’s snicker, at the order and purpose evidenced by the intergalactic and intercellular sciences. One of their still-living fathers said the chaos and unpredictability demonstrated by what exists is exactly what we should expect from a universe with no purpose or design. Kudos to whoever is in on that.

If a human’s self-sufficiency is not possible on the most basic level how do they figure as they climb the ladder to bigger things in life, such as hurricane control or how long they will live, that somehow they can create their own destiny? If destiny is so far out of control and unpredictable how can they call it their own? Again, kudos, to whoever has done work in that area.

Ironically, freedom places its recipients in a false sense of autonomy. How many POWs and inmates have we seen cry out to a giver when they see how empty their hands really are and then reach out to a world that has nothing to give them? Many. Therefore, if seems best to keep the secular humanists warm in their beds, with their refrigerators full and with abundant provisions and toys. Be a gracious host, make them feel at home. Convince them that the choices they get to make about how they live puts them on a route only determined by their independent choices and personal gumption. It is here phrases like “self-made men” and “independent women” come up. A person who thinks they are ruler of their own life is the one that thinks it is their obligation and right to chase and conquer their own passions.

Remember “their passions” are merely the ones we have imagined for them. Keep in mind, a “good time” on a scale of human gratitude is our ally. We need not go spinning complex webs; thoughts tainted by wayward sensuality and alcohol-driven illusions are still the best suspenders to rational, Enemy-like reasoning.

The mystery that the Enemy stipends His virtues to all- even the pernicious- is peculiar. He dispenses quantities of goodness which, when received by those who know no better, seem sufficient enough. We know that the Enemy withholds the kind of everlasting ecstasy, but those that don’t know that try to get as much as they can in this life because, as is the nature of life teaches; “nothing lasts.” It’s all about perspective.

Even though not sustaining, we can make the comforts of this life seem like they are worth dedicating one’s life to. To them, ability to reason feels like it is sufficient enough. Ability to formulate their own destiny seems realistic enough. The doses of comfort appear to be enough on the exterior- not leaving a particular visible hole. Little do they know, “what seems right” and “what feels right” can indeed disagree with what is right. We know the law is uncompromising, making not even the slight allowances for statements like, “it seemed right, therefore it was right” or “it felt right, therefore it was right.”

One of our heroes, Darwin, said he grew cold while gazing at the anatomy of the human eye. If a person questions whether an evolutionary process was responsible for such a multifaceted mechanism it can drive the most secure atheist batty…or cold. The wintry madness scarcely leads to re-birth, on the contrary, it often expedites death by suicide or toxic vices. This doctrine must be instilled in our subjects: out of chaos comes order. They must never believe that only order can give birth to order. And they must never take it a step further and say, “only something personal could make such a thing as a person.”

Surround that curious boy, who gazed upon the President of the council who lay in his coffin, with the most persuasive atheists in the group. When he lay in his coffin with his immaculate computer (brain) parched and his marvelous engine (heart) brought to a halt they must not be able to ponder beyond his knotted knuckles and willful mug. Say to them, “According to his destiny he was not ready to die, but should we say we are not subject to human nature?” Human nature, mother nature, lucky stars, horoscopes, signs and father time are all subtle, guiltless references that infer a foundational denial to the Enemy’s sovereignty. Any subscription to our terminology is to be encouraged.

It is in your best interest to dwell at their next meeting, “Inquiries for the non-religious.” This discussion should prove to gain a foothold on the vulnerable boy if played right. And make sure he gets to the meeting on time, and does not bump into a Christian on his way. By the way, I find it a bit odd that they must define themselves by what they are not: “non-religious,” rather than by what they are. When the “Christians” call themselves “non-atheists” we know we have gained some ground.

Your elder, Utooth


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