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News: Global Warming Beliefs Among Protestant Pastors.  Interesting article on the percentage pastors who are “believers” of global warming.

Listening:  This is gold…John Piper recently spoke at Park Community Church in Chicago on “The Pastor as Scholar.”  He gives a basics outline of his life leading up to becoming a pastor.

If I am scholarly, it is not in any sense because I try to stay on the cutting edge in the discipline of biblical and theological studies. I am way too slow for that. What scholarly would mean for me is that the greatest Object of knowledge is God and that he has revealed himself authoritatively in a Book. And that I should work with all my might and all my heart and all my soul and all my mind to know him through that Book and to make him known.

Photography: 9 years of change in Dubai from NASA.

Blogging: John MacArthur offers some practical teaching on “Knowing Christ.”

We err greatly if we think of intimacy with Christ as some lofty level of mysterious, feelings-based communion with the Divine—as if it involved some knowledge of God that goes beyond what Scripture has revealed.

Science and Religion: A new theistic evolutionist – like website from Francis S. Collins and Co., the director of the Human Genome Project and author of The Language of God, called The BioLogos Foundation.  What is the site for?

The BioLogos Foundation promotes the search for truth in both the natural and spiritual realms, and seeks to harmonize these different perspectives.


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Listening: Phil Johnson spoke recently at Omaha Bible Church, outlining the 5 major heresies that have frequented Christianity.  This message is just a survey, so if you want to hear him speak more in depth on each of the 5 heresies, go here.

Climate news: Roger Pielke Sr. outlines his position on climate sciences.  A position I see as much more rational and humble than most climate experts studying global warming.

Weather photos: This is a good one.  NASA’s Earth Observatory is celebrating their 10 year anniversary by posting their top 50 images taken over the last decade.  You vote which is your favorite.  I’m a bit disappointed in the top 50…how could they leave out Everest?  I’m voting for “Inauguration Day Crowds in D.C.”  What did you vote for?

Reading: Tony Reinke recommends an excellent and Simple Approach to Apologetics.

News: The blogosphere is abuzz with this article, so I thought I’d post it too.  A.N. Wilson, known for converting from Christianity to atheism and brushing shoulders with several other prominent atheists for 20 years, has converted back to Christianity.  His article is called “Why I Believe Again.” (HT: JT)

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News: Apparently, not only was I raised in the best county in the U.S. for raising children (see previous post), but now I’m living in the “Happiest Place in America” according to ABC news.

History: 64 years ago today, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed due to his involvement in a plot to assassinate Hitler.  Fred Sanders at Scriptorium Daily writes a small piece on the the topic.  Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from Bonhoeffer in his classic work, The Cost of Discipleship:

Christianity without the living Christ is inevitably Christianity without discipleship, and Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ. (p. 59)

The only right and proper way is quite literally to go with Jesus.  The call to follow implies that there is only one way of believing on Jesus Christ, and that is by leaving all and going with the incarnate Son of God. (p. 62)

Also, for an excellent documentary on his life, watch Bonhoeffer.

Science News: Ever wondered why scratching relieves that itching feeling?  NYT reports.

Reading/Listening: Dr. Albert Mohler responds to President Obama’s statements to the Muslim world in Turkey.

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Listening: John Mark Reynolds of Biola University lectures at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on the relationship between science and religion.  This is excellent stuff!  See the following post for notes on the first of three lectures.

  1. We Beheld His Glory: How a Christian Worldview Produced Science
  2. Full of Grace and Truth: An Epistemology of Belief in a Skeptical Age
  3. The Glory of Jesus Christ: The Way Forward in the Dialogue Between Religion and Science

Weather pix: Satellite images of Denver, CO before and after the recent early spring snow storm.

More Weather Photos: 30 photos of the Red River flooding in North Dakota.  Incredible.

Blogging: Trevin Wax puts on a good Screwtape as well.

Health News:  Do I need another reason to drink coffee?  Probably not, but I’ll take it!

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Science News:  Apparently I’ve been duped, according to the NYTs “Sugar is Back on Food Labels, This Time as a Selling Point”

Though research is still under way, many nutrition and obesity experts say sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are equally bad in excess. But, as is often the case with competing food claims, the battle is as much about marketing as it is about science.

Weather pix: An excellent radar image of the early spring tornado that touched down just east of Lincoln.  The slight hook extending out of the souteast corner of the large cluster is a textbook example of a radar indicated tornado.

Streaming: The videos from the recent Ligonier Ministries 2009 Conference on the Holiness of God.  Lots of good stuff here.

Blogging: Kevin DeYoung attempts to separate the Truths that Transform, the Doctrines that Damn in his 4 part series.

There are four categories of passages in the Pastoral Epistles that give us a sense for what Paul considered the core of apostolic doctrine.

Movies: Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” is coming to theater this fall.  Here is the trailer.

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A great way to listen to Scripture.  I’m really liking this…download your favorite verses, chapters, or books to your ipod (or other mp3 device) to aid in your study/meditation/memorization of scripture.  B.C. has a really nice site, by the way. (HT: JT)

Why I’m Not Emergent.  An excellent essay on the Emergent Church by Allen Yeh from The Scriptorium Daily.

Are taking Vitamins worth it? “The public’s belief in the benefits of vitamins and nutrients is not supported by the available scientific data.” An article from NYT.

Who are the NeoReformed? Part 1, Part 2.  2 articles from Scot McKnight that I’m not sure how to make use of – especially his comment: “the NeoReformed are those who are obsessed with God’s holiness and grace and have not learned that grace makes people gracious.”  I thought obsessing over God’s holiness and grace was a good thing…maybe I’ve missed the point.

Regulating CO2 as a pollutant. Roger Pielke lists some articles if you want to get more in depth with the issue.  If not, just read his brief comments and you’ll realize the implications of such a move from our government.

Finally Alive. Tim Challies gives a great review of Piper’s new book.

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Weekly Notables (6)

Indulgences Return.  Article from the NYT

Indulgences 101.  Justin Taylor’s excellent response to the article linked above.

24 Things About to Disappear in America.  Who still has these things anyhow?  HT: JT

Thoughts on Social Networking.  Albert Mohler weighs in some thoughts on the value of Facebook, etc.

C.J. Mahaney interviews John Piper.  My favorite: when asked to share the best constructive cousel he has received he answers, “Don’t preach in a way that a Muslim would approve.  Preach a divine crucified Christ.”

A Shortened Religious Affections experience.  Have Jonathan Edwards’ classic on the reading list but intimidated by the breadth and length?  Fred Sanders outlines the books most important 125 pages.

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