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What does John Piper mean when he speaks about God ordaining, within the context of his Sovereignty over sin?

There is design in what he permits.  And therefore when I say he ordains, I mean He has a history in view and He is going somewhere with what He permits to happen.  That’s what I’m talking about when I’m talking about the ordaining of, or the governance of, sin. (Resolved ’09: God’s Sovereignty Over Satan’s Fall)

I can rest easily upon that: “He is going somewhere in what He permits to happen.”

For more of this, check out the link above, and the second part to his message titled: How Sin Serves the Glory of Christ.


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Favorites in…

Streaming: John Piper’s address to President Obama on abortion.

Reading: The book I’ve reading lately is called Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling by Andy Crouch.  It came highly recommended and has lived up to the hype two-thirds through.  Here is a link to a trustworthy review.

Blogging: I think I post something from Kevin DeYoung every week, but oh well.  Here is another good one called Why I am a Calvinist.

The influence of Calvinism is growing because its God is transcendent and its theology is true. In a day when “be better” moralism passes for preaching, self-help banality passes for counseling, and “Jesus is my boyfriend” music passes for worship in some churches, more and more people are finding comfort in a God who is anything but comfortable. The paradox of Calvinism is that we feel better by feeling worse about ourselves, we do more for God by seeing how He’s done everything for us, and we give love away more freely when we discover that we have been saved by free grace.

Podcasts: Want to better understand Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormonism?  The Theology Program put up free sessions at itunes. (HT: JT)

Weather Photos: Need new wallpaper for you desktop?  Here are some great shots from local storm chaser Mike Hollingshead.

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Favorites in…

Blogging: C.J. Mahaney just completed a four month long blog series on productivity.  Very helpful.

Health (and fun): John Mark Reynolds gives Ten Unexpected Cultural Results of Swine Flu.

Reading: Justin Taylor recommends some must reads from D.A. Carson.  “When D.A. Carson writes a book, buy it.” – Al Mohler

Listening: Not a link, but if you have itunes, search for Campus Impact (college group at Lincoln Berean) and listen to the message from Christopher Yuen on April 28.  It is an incredible account of his journey through drugs, disease, and homosexuality.

Bible Study: John Piper’s method for studying the Bible.  Here is his podcast explaining it a bit.

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Weekly favorites in…

News: Global Warming Beliefs Among Protestant Pastors.  Interesting article on the percentage pastors who are “believers” of global warming.

Listening:  This is gold…John Piper recently spoke at Park Community Church in Chicago on “The Pastor as Scholar.”  He gives a basics outline of his life leading up to becoming a pastor.

If I am scholarly, it is not in any sense because I try to stay on the cutting edge in the discipline of biblical and theological studies. I am way too slow for that. What scholarly would mean for me is that the greatest Object of knowledge is God and that he has revealed himself authoritatively in a Book. And that I should work with all my might and all my heart and all my soul and all my mind to know him through that Book and to make him known.

Photography: 9 years of change in Dubai from NASA.

Blogging: John MacArthur offers some practical teaching on “Knowing Christ.”

We err greatly if we think of intimacy with Christ as some lofty level of mysterious, feelings-based communion with the Divine—as if it involved some knowledge of God that goes beyond what Scripture has revealed.

Science and Religion: A new theistic evolutionist – like website from Francis S. Collins and Co., the director of the Human Genome Project and author of The Language of God, called The BioLogos Foundation.  What is the site for?

The BioLogos Foundation promotes the search for truth in both the natural and spiritual realms, and seeks to harmonize these different perspectives.

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Favorites in..

Watching: The Gospel Coalition 2009 is wrapping up today.  Live webcasts are available here.  Also, all 10 of the main sessions will be online soon.

Listening: 5 years of classroom instruction from Wayne Grudem as he teaches through his Systematic Theology.

Blogging: Kevin DeYoung posts a series called “Our High Places,” highlighting what he sees as possible blindspots in the church today.

Economics: Matt Perman argues how “Spending Does Not Drive the Economy,” part 1 and part 2.

Blogging 2: Albert Mohler pleads “We cannot settle for truth without love nor love without truth” and “The genuine body of Christ  will reveal itself by courageous compassion, and compassionate courage” when confronting the issue of homosexuality in our culture.

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Weekly favorites in…

Listening: John Mark Reynolds of Biola University lectures at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on the relationship between science and religion.  This is excellent stuff!  See the following post for notes on the first of three lectures.

  1. We Beheld His Glory: How a Christian Worldview Produced Science
  2. Full of Grace and Truth: An Epistemology of Belief in a Skeptical Age
  3. The Glory of Jesus Christ: The Way Forward in the Dialogue Between Religion and Science

Weather pix: Satellite images of Denver, CO before and after the recent early spring snow storm.

More Weather Photos: 30 photos of the Red River flooding in North Dakota.  Incredible.

Blogging: Trevin Wax puts on a good Screwtape as well.

Health News:  Do I need another reason to drink coffee?  Probably not, but I’ll take it!

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Best Places to Raise Farm Kids: Hamilton County, Nebraska. Progressive Farmer Magazine’s top 10 places to raise kids, with my hometown being the winner!

The Bible and Archaeology.  An article from Talbot School of Theology on what archaeology can and cannot do for understanding the Old Testament.

Have you seen Antarctica? A great photo from NASA.

CT’s review of The Fray’s new album.  Agreed.

Desiring God Pastor’s Conference 2009, The Need for Evangelism.  My weekly plug for John Piper and Desiring God.

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